We are very pleased to announce that effective 1 September 2018 PKF Lawler is joining the national Hall Chadwick Association of independent accounting firms. Being part of the Hall Chadwick Association means we are part of one of the largest and most experienced accounting groups in Australia, servicing clients in every major city and many regional centres in Australia.
But it's business as usual in our office in Subiaco!
There is no change of ownership, personnel or location. There is no change other than a name change to our business, and of course a new logo. Our expert accounting staff remain committed to providing the highest level of accounting and business advice to our private and business clients here in Western Australia. We will now be able to utilise the resources of Hall Chadwick which has more than 300 accounting firm members throughout the world, including 108 offices in Asia. In turn, Hall Chadwick is a member of Prime Global, which places us among the five largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world.