Get your director ID now

From November 2021, if you are appointed director of a company, you will have just 28 days from your appointment to apply for a director ID. Legislation confirming the new rules and date of effect was passed by Parliament late last month. You will need to apply for your director ID yourself with your myGovID, Tax file number, residential address (as recorded by the Australian Taxation Office) plus two other identity documents (including bank account details, dividend statement, notice of assessment and PAYG payment summary etc.). Your director ID will stay with you permanently, even after you cease to be a director, change name, or move overseas. Failing to apply for the director ID within the prescribed timeframe could mean criminal or civil penalties of 5,000 penalty units (currently standing at $1.11 million). The director ID regime was introduced to prevent illegal phoenix activity by making it easier to trace directors' relationships with companies while preventing the use of false director identities. If appointed a director, after 5 April 2022, director ID applications must be submitted before the appointment as a director. All existing appointments (prior to 31 October 2021) will have until 30 November 2022 to apply for their director ID. Director ID applications can be made from November 2021 on the new Australian Business Registry Services administered by the Commissioner of Taxation. If you need assistance applying for your director ID, please don't hesitate to contact your Hall Chadwick advisor, or Leanne Peacock or Vivien Chu.